About me

About me

My name is Toño Otero, a political scientist, expert in marketing and communication, and a urban geography lover.

The intention of this blog is to analyze specific cases of cities, some known and others with a new image, across the entire planet.

City Branding is a category of its own in the place marketing focused on a product and a complete urban city: All activities carried out to convert a city in something more than a destination, creating a new urban concept for people to decide to move to these cities to know them, live in them, visit them or work.

The city branding mainly seeks to strengthen the urban identity in the leading role that cities today have, carrying out all the tools and techniques of branding, but being the town the product itself. This unique image helps to communicate the city in its international world distinguishing it from other cities.

The city has its own personality and its citizens play a vital role in this dimension. They are urban DNA, and they must also be the main beneficiaries of a good city branding.

Ultimately, the most successful cases are made not only because of their history, but also the quality of the location, lifestyle, culture, diversity and all thanks to associations and local governments cooperating to improve services and urban infrastructure.